Playing for the Master ...
Giving God All the Glory!...

Playing for the Lord!!!

I remember like it was yesterday .......
      In November of 1958 my parents brought home a book full of Musical Instruments. They said to me, Doug look through this book and see if there is any instrument that you might have interest in playing. So I took the big huge book and I told them I would let them know. About an hour later, I was at the kitchen table looking through this book and saw a great set of drums. I said to my mom, look at these drums - I believe that this is what I want to learn how to play. My mother said ok, but please continue to look and see if there is something I might select for a second choice, as she left the room. So I continued to look ... You can imagine, this book had about every musical instrument that you could picture ... Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Tubas and the like. Then I turned the page, there it was ... The instrument I wanted to play! The page was loaded with them. I yelled out, "I found it! I found it! Mom come here!" As she entered the room I turned the book for her to see, the Saxophones looked like they were leaping off the page and I said "Mom, forget about the drums, ... the Saxophone is the instrument for me! I knew it in my heart, there was no question about it!!!
      On Christmas Day 1958, I got my first Alto Saxophone. My parents had purchased it from Ray Lammers Music Store in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of six years old I took lessons for one year from Mr. Colstead of the Norris Music Store, Middletown, Ohio. From that time on I had a passion for music and the things that went with it.
     In 1979 I started a Disc Jockey Business playing for Weddings, Receptions, Anniversaries, Parties and Special Events. I have performed over 3000 engagements since that time. For some reason in 1986 I stopped playing my horns. I kept doing the music thing with my extensive music collection with music from the 1940's to present, but laid down the Sax. On my 59th birthday my wife handed me a gift, wrapped in a Harley Davidson Motorcycle wrapping paper. It was my Tenor Saxophone (she had taken it, had it totally reconditioned back to new) and told me to go and play for the Lord!
      I hadn't played the Sax in 26 years. I was praying and the Lord spoke to my Spirit and said, "I DID NOT TAKE AWAY YOUR TALENTS, YOU LAID THEM DOWN". The calling came upon me. I have played with the Fire Choir and the Musicians at Solid Rock Church for a few years and I recently was given the opportunity to play for the Lord on a Caribbean Christian Cruise and have been playing at every opportunity the Lord provides for since. The Lord has been opening doors and I have been playing in numerous churches this past year. Praise the Lord! To God be the Glory!


Doug Playing Saxophone at Solid Rock Church - Monroe Ohio


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